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Caring for your Opal
By virtue of its’ water content, Opal is a ‘living gem’ and has the most ‘personality’ of all gemstones. Each Opal has a mysterious combination of colours and pattern making it as unique as human character, fingerprints or DNA. When worn regularly it is nourished by contact with its wearer and radiates positive energy in return.
As the lucky owner of a Bolda Opal, you are now the stone’s protector! Protect your Opal from heavy blows, abrasives, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.
Clean your solid Opal gemstones and jewellery using cool water, a soft brush and polishing cloth. If necessary, use jewellery cleaning solution or a mild detergent to remove grime from the setting and rinse thoroughly with water.
Enjoy your Opal. Treat it with care as you would any precious gem or investment. Most importantly, wear it!